Consultancy, training and toolkits to change the world of work for parents


I‘m Ursula, consultant, blogger, speaker, activist and founder of Mumbelievable™ and Taking Care of Business. I’m working to change the world of work for parents.

I help businesses increase support, inclusion and progression opportunities for working parents and carers, increase productivity and retention, reduce costs and close their gender pay gap.  

I developed Taking Care of Business because I found it almost impossible to combine my career with parenting in a way that worked for my family, and I’m passionate about being part of the solution to the issues faced by working parents who love their career and want to combine it with their family more successfully.

I deeply believe that businesses and parents can work together to come up with solutions that bring huge commercial benefits as much as they transform the employee experience.

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If you employ working parents this free cheat sheet is for you!

If you want to increase motivation, productivity and talent retention, as well as decrease recruitment costs and address your gender pay gap, then download this free cheat sheet. 

The Taking Care of Business cheat sheet reveals 30+ actionable initiatives to help you quickly and easily increase support, communication and flexibility for working mums and dads.

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The big picture

Taking Care of Business is a new, flexible style of consultancy and training to support businesses to demonstrate they are an employer of choice by inspiring confidence, flexibility, support and awareness in the workplace for working parents and carers.

The driving force

Being a working parent is tough. Too many parents are struggling to achieve a healthy balance between nurturing their families and thriving within the careers they love. Too many employers are losing talented people who happen to be parents; for a whole host of reasons. It doesn’t have to be this way.

A suite of solutions

I leverage my skills and experiences as a professional and a parent to enable businesses to meet their goals by embracing innovative, flexible and open ways of working and creating a conscious culture that bridges the gaps that exist in communication, awareness and support for working parents.

The outcomes

Committing to offering better support and flexibility for parents and carers enables a business to become an employer of choice that meets its goals, reduces costs and attracts and retains exceptional talent. Being part of an organisation that creates a conscious culture in which parents and carers are supported means employees experience reduced stress, improved wellbeing and increased motivation which translates into higher levels of performance, productivity, and commitment to their employer.