Supporting parents makes sense for business.…and not just because it’s the right thing to do

The benefits of supporting working parents are far-reaching for your company, your people and for the UK economy.

Providing support throughout each phase of pregnancy or adoption that extends beyond great policy and legal obligation is proven to increase retention rates of returning parents of both genders, support equality and contribute towards the closure of the gender pay gap..

It also enhances productivity and wellbeing while reducing absenteeism, enabling your business to become more competitive, save money and increase profitability. 

Your company might have brilliant policies in place, and pockets of excellence where some managers are making great things happen. 

Like so many other companies though, yours might also have a problem with inconsistency and higher-than-desirable attrition rates of talented employees after they start a family. It might have managers who lack confidence, are scared of saying the wrong thing and need support to embrace, understand and manage the diverse needs of working parents. It might be losing great people and it might be struggling to compete in attracting incredible talent. 

If this sounds like your company, I can help.

I've developed bespoke toolkits, training and support frameworks to help employees and managers to navigate both the professional and personal aspects of each unique stage of parenthood and beyond, ensuring a smooth and successful transition back to work following parental leave.